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CAPG / Grasse Biotech

Located in a renovated building of the AromaGrasse Park, the business hotel project, after the opening of the InnovaGrasse nursery in 2010, is a structuring project for the Pays de Grasse. It complements an exemplary economic development policy covering the entire life of the company and the entire process of innovation: from the creation phase to the placing on the market. This ambitious project for our territory is part of this promotion of entrepreneurship, source of job creation and creator of value (rents and tax revenues, establishment of businesses and families, multiplication of exchanges, development of the ecosystem, innovation, image ...). In concrete terms, the Pays de Grasse business hotel aims to attract exogenous companies with high added value to the territory, to complement a strong support for the aroma and perfume sector through the establishment of companies.

Core business:Other services company (human resources, consulting, finance...)
Business axis:Pépinière
Legal form:-VIDE-
57, avenue Pierre Sémard 06131
06130 GRASSE

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