Eurobiomed Celebrates its new partnership with LINK-J !

All the best things happen in San Diego


LINK-J and Eurobiomed signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday 19th in San Diego, California at the Headquarter of BIOCOM, during the international biotech event Bio Convention.

Two lessons already have to be learned from this signature : Life Science brings vitality to international relations and a  Biotech Cluster Triumvira leaves no place for any deseases !

Indeed, LINK-J, the young but very promising Cluster of Tokyo gathering some of the most successfull pharmaceutical companies and biotech start-ups signed an MOU with BIOCOM, a 900+ members advocating Cluster of California, in May, 2016. Since then, both parties have cooperated some events such as bringing their members to other party’s seminars held in San Diego or Tokyo. LINK-J has expanded its relationship with University of Califolnia, San Diego as well.

Besides Eurobiomed, one of the greatest Life Science french Cluster, with a strong European network and open doors to the African Continent, found many similarities with BIOCOM’s ecosystem such as the collaborative spirit of the companies and the strong start-up and SME’s network. They therefore signed a MoU  in San Diego, on June, 2014. Many successfull actions have been realised so far, such as the participation to joint events but also the organization of delegations that led companies to create new partnerships and subsidiaries.

Thanks to BIOCOM and his CEO Joe Panetta, LINK-J and Eurobiomed could meet during the Global Life Science Partnering Conference hosted in March 2017 in San Diego and have a first meaningfull meeting.

On each side the common will to support companies and scientific institutes to grow international and improve their R&D projects, was obvious but the challenge is always to find THE good partner to enable long term trustbased relationships. A MoU is just a piece of paper without ambitous people behind it willing to work hard and to always reinvent new ways of collaborating.

Many fruitful exchanges have then led the Tokyo Cluster to visit Eurobiomed two months after to understand better each others’ functioning and ecosystem. With such a strong convergence of ideas and dreams for the future of Life Science the signature of a MoU became obvious and San Diego would be the place where, for the third time, all would begin.

Thus, surrounded by their mutual team, Mr. Akihiko Soyama, President and CEO of LINK-J and Xavier Tabary, President of Eurobiomed signed a MoU on June 19th, 2017. They both committed themselves in providing services to each other’s members, exchange publications, materials and informations, do cooperative activities, events, progams and visits for the next five years.

Yet, a first delegation of LINK-J with Biocom is scheduled for October 30th until November 3rd. Many companies are expected from the three Clusters in order to network and create new life sciences projects !