VIP US - Japonese - French event in Tokyo !

The three Life Science Clusters are offering always more opportunities for their companies to expend and grow!

Every occasion is good to take to strenghten companies' development and foster international cooperation!

During BIO Japan the Clusters will organize a joint event in Tokyo for their companies and ecosystems to share and match !

BIO Japan is one of the biggest conferences dedicated to Biotechnologies. It is one of the best places to discover and get inspired by discruptive technologies and foresee the future of Life Science.

Therefore all of the best world wide institutes, start-ups and big pharmas gather and contribute to tackle the main health challenges.

The US Cluster Biocom, the Japonese Cluster Link-J and the French Cluster Eurobiomed will then offer to their companies a special event on October 13th in Tokyo dedicated to foster life science's international collaboration.


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