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The ideal location to develop innovative health products

The ideal location to develop innovative health products

A dynamic business environment

Eurobiomed federates healthcare stakeholders in both "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur" and "Languedoc-Roussillon" counties of South East of France

South East of France has a very dynamic and dense network of companies, research laboratories, hospitals and post-graduate schools in Health and Life sciences:

  • 400 companies with about 3,000 industrial researchers ranging from biotech companies (such as Innate Pharma, Ipsogen, Nicox, Medesis Pharma, Intrasense, Supersonic Imagine, Protomed, Trophos, Provence technologies, MedTech, SkuldTech, TxCell, Neureva, Pharmaxon, Neorphys, and many others) to large pharmaceutical companies (such as Sanofi-aventis, Bio-Rad, Bausch et Lomb, Galderma, Idenix, Virbac, Beckman Coulter, CisBio International, Horiba Medical , Cezanne and many others)
  • 2nd ranked territory in France for start-up companies
  • 4 science and technology parks
  • 8 universities with over 250 academic research laboratories comprising more than 6,000 academic researchers in life science/healthcare, including top-ranked universities such as the universities of Aix-Marseille, Montpellier et Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • 4 research hospitals and a inter-regional organisation to support the clinical research ("Délégations Interrégionales à la Recherche Clinique")
  • 2nd ranked territory in France for the number of clinical trials
  • Over 39,000 students from the universities and post-graduate schools

A pro-business environment

Our territory is a set-up to facilitate business development. Technology platforms are available, rendering expensive high-tech machines and structures accessible and fostering collaborations between industrials and academics.

Dedicated real estate solutions and public sector support services are available for companies.


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