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Beta Innov

Achieving a major therapeutic leap forward for the treatment of some Autoimmune Diseases and of Glioblastoma. Beta Innov has discovered and identified a major proteomic defect which is common to several autoimmune pathologies. Its objective is to act through proteomic approaches on an imbalance found between the two key elements of the HLA I complex: the Heavy Chain (HC) and the Light Chain Beta2-microglobulin (?2m). Restoring the ratio HC/?2m to its physiological balance (1/1) is essential to generating an appropriate immune response. Regarding Glioblastoma, to act an innovative way on the energetic metabolism of this high grade cancer. Beta Innov has most particularly focused on the energetic metabolism of the Astrocyte Cell (Role of LDH enzyme and mitochondrial function) whose mainly depends the development of Glioblastoma.

Activité principale :Société dans les Technologies des sciences de la vie (thérapeutique, diagnostic...)
Axe métier :medicament
Catégorie :PME
Forme juridique :SAS
Effectif :10
Adresse :
49, rue Rouelle
75015 PARIS
Téléphone :01 85 08 57 86
Site web :

Contact :

 Ljubica LALEVIC
Téléphone :01 85 08 65 02
Email :contact(at)beta-innov(dot)com

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