SophI.A. Summit 2020

November 18-20, 2020


SophIA Summit 2020 is 100% online


The Organization Team of SophI.A summit 2020 follows the evolution of the health situation in real time. We are committed to adapt the set-up of the event, and to ensure that all necessary and regulatory risk prevention measures are implemented with our partners to ensure the safety of all Sophia Summit 2020 attendees.


That's why this year the SophIA Summit will be on line !


Sophia Summit 2020 is a 100% Digital Conference – 3 days of on-line Web TV


The organizers will provide you with the necessary connection details shortly.



The first speakers:

The inaugural lecture will be given by Michael Bronstein, Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter, Professor at the USI in Lugano, Switzerland, since 2010 and has held visiting positions at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, TUM and Tel Aviv University, for a presentation on the bio-inspired AI.

·       Olivier CLATZ, CEO and Co-Founder of Therapixel, a software company specialized in artificial intelligence for breast cancer screaning. Member of The French Digital Council (@CNNum) and the national program "AI for diagnostic", which aims at unleashing the power of data and artificial intelligence to improve healthcare.

·       Carolina WÄHLBY, Professor in quantitative microscopy at the Department of Information Technology (Division of Visual Information and Interaction) at Uppsala University. Her research group is focused on developing computational approaches for extracting information from microscopy images.

·       Vince MADAI, Senior medical AI Researcher at Charité Berlin with an M.D., a Ph.D. in Medical Neuroscience, and an M.A. in Medical Ethics. Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at ai4medicine, a company focused on medical AI data analytics and personalized mobile AI solutions. His foci include AI-research, AI-ethics, data science, neuroimage post-processing and clinical research.

·       Paola GOATIN, Researcher at Inria Sophia Antipolis and 3IA Côte d'Azur Chair Holder. Her project aims at contributing to the transition to intelligent mobility management practices through an efficient use of available resources and information, fostering data collection and provision.

·       Jean-Marie BONNIN, Professor in the Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law Department of IMT Atlantique and leader of the Inria/EASE research team.

·       Stéphane CANU, Researcher at the LITIS - INSA de Rouen, Normandie Université, He is P.I. for the ANR project "Deep in France" and holder of a research chair about AI. His project focuses on the study of the fundamental properties of machine learning (including robustness) in order to guarantee the reliability of these methods for applications related to intelligent mobility.

·       Philippe BEAUDOIN, Cofounder of Element AI, then CEO et cofounder of Waverly, a new startup that is particularly interested in how to use AI to address social issues related to our new modes of communication.

·       Leopold PARTS, Group Leader at the Sanger Insitute (Cambridge). He is a geneticist with broad interests in all areas of genomics. He focuses on measuring gene function at scale, creating accurate computational models for its readout, and understanding how it is impacted by genetic background and environment.

To see full list of speakers, click here.

Given the current health and social context, the SophI.A Summit will be proposed in a fully digital format in addition to live events.


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