CellComp: personalised assistance at all stages of development for innovative businesses

You want to develop your business in the health sector?
The EUROBIOMED Cluster and CELLCOMP will help speed up the growth process.


With help from its dedicated team at CellComp, Eurobiomed offers full support for business development, growth and competitiveness.
This service for network members or entrepreneurs is personalised and adapted to managerial needs. 
Members of the network have access to individual or group support services as well as training seminars. Members also benefit from preferential rates with aid and support from our funding agencies.

As entrepreneurs, we can: 

  • Make known the mode of operation of the innovative company in the field of health
  • Help anticipate administrative, legal, regulatory and social issues of the corporate assembly
  • Help strengthen your knowledge of investment logic, expectations and private financiers operating modes and raising funds
  • Help position your project in a global competitive environment and conduct market research, competitions, etc.
  • Present the different strategies for protecting intellectual property compared to the competition
  • Help put your product on the market
  • Learn the risks and challenges of corporate communication

We can help management teams of established businesses to meet the following challenges:

  • Help your business to be more innovative and increase competitiveness 
  • Reach new markets
  • Be visible internationally and increase your export rate
  • Overcome regulatory barriers, or commercial scale-up phases 
  • Optimise your industrial performance
  • Finance your development
  • Find new partners
  • Adapt human resources to business development