Service: Industrialisation of products and innovative services

Moving from the stages of R&D toward a pilot and industrialisation is a delicate step in the health sector. 


Eurobiomed assists its members in the industrial development of their products and/or services.

It involves assisting managers in adapting the production components of their products/services to their development strategy:

    • For new products: choice of the most suitable production solutions (in-house production, subcontracting, partnership, sharing...), control of transitional phases of industrial start-ups, calculation of necessary resources, etc.
    • In case of existing production tools: adaptation of the industrial blueprint, optimisation of flow and return, lean management, etc.
    • Anticipation of changes in scales, ensuring required quality standards and protection of the company’s strategic expertise. 
    • Recommendations for management and production management (productivity, performance measurement, quality, ERP, etc.).