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IDvet develops and manufactures innovative diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious diseases in farm animals ( With a focus on PCR and ELISA tests, IDvet has developed an extensive product range which includes reagents for both emerging and established diseases. Since its creation in 2004, IDvet has shown continuous growth over the years. The company has established itself as a major player in veterinary diagnostics thanks to high quality products and sales covering over 90 countries. IDvet reagents are used in surveillance programs implemented by governments and professional organizations around the world. In order to contribute to the "One Health" approach for controlling human and veterinary disease, the objectives of IDvet are the technical improvement and continuous growth of the diagnostic range for large animals and poultry.

Core business:Life sciences services company (CRO, bioinformatics, equipment, distribution, etc.)
Business axis:diagnostic
Legal form:-VIDE-
Number of employees:75
310 rue Louis Pasteur
34790 Grabels
Phone:04 67 41 49 33
Fax:04 67 45 36 95

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