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Paca Investissement

PACA Investissement is an investment fund created by the PACA Region in 2011 in order to help innovative small and medium companies increase their shareholding equity. What are the goals of the fund? Presided by Jacques Boulesteix, with a capital of 19.45 million euros (half of which is from FEDER), our fund aims to: - Provide leverage financing to attract venture capital companies and regional investment funds, - Share the risks, - Increase the shareholding equity by mutualizing public and private funding. How are the goals accomplished? PACA Investissement always invest with private investors who have concluded a convention with PACA Investissement (business angels, regional and national investment funds…). The ticket of investment is equal for both. · How much ? Ticket of investment is between 150 K€ and 1,5 M€.

Core business:Other services company (human resources, consulting, finance...)
Business axis:medicament - diagnostic - dmi - esante
Legal form:SAS
Number of employees:1
11-13 boulevard de Dunkerque bureaux 1 & 3 13002 Marseille
Phone:06 14 82 48 00

Contact :

 Valérie ROCHé-MELIN
Secrétaire Général

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