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SAS NLA based in Marseille, France is specialized in growing and trading the miracle berries (fruit of synsepalum dulcificum) and its extracts. This fruit can change the taste food and represent a lot of hope in different health treatments. Miraculin is not yet allowed to be sold in the European Union market and is currently analysed as a product of a novel food process. It will be allowed to be sold in E.U market on June 2020. We also have our own synsepalum dulcificum farm in Benin. Our farm is organic and respectful of fair trade and sustainable development. We ambition to create a huge faire trade cooperative in this country.

Core business:Life sciences services company (CRO, bioinformatics, equipment, distribution, etc.)
Business axis:medicament
Business axis:Compléments alimentaire, parapharmacie, alimentation en milieu hospitalié.
Legal form:SAS
Number of employees:1
16bis Traverse des 4 chemins, de Montolivet

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