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Biovotec SARL


Biovotec SARL

BIOVOTEC is an innovative biotechnology/biomedical SME which has recently developed a medical device for chronic wounds, reducing hospital costs in a very significant way. This R&D project has already reached its industrial phase with partners specializing in the development, manufacture and marketing of medical devices used for wound care. Biovotec aims to pursue an important business opportunity by developing effective advanced dressing that can be used for the initial treatment of all wounds at risk of delay or non-healing, allowing a reduction of the incidence of chronic wounds, such as venous and diabetic ulcers.

Core business:Life sciences technologies company (therapeutics, diagnosis...)
Business axis:dmi
Legal form:-VIDE-
Number of employees:6
Business Pôle,
06560 Sophia Antipolis

Contact :

 Henri-Pierre SUSO
Phone:06 78 66 46 06

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