The Eurobiomed priority is to establish relations between the health innovation actors to allow them to interact and mobilise opinion leaders to create conditions conducive to the development of scientific and current affairs partnerships.

The quality of the Eurobiomed network materialises by the number of people involved, but also by the quality of the network and trust that is established between its members, which reinforces the interactions and facilitates exchanges.


A territory of excellence hosting economic development through leading industrial and academic forces.

Regional forces


More than 1,800 health researchers. Manufacturing/production and engineering and R&D combined represent nearly 5,000 jobs across more than 350 establishments. Hospital activities comprise 17,000 jobs (source CCIR LR 2011).

Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

This sector has significant economic impact, with 700 manufacturers for 8100 jobs and turnover of 1.8 billion euros.

The entire health sector comprises nearly 170 000 jobs, including primary health care providers.

The PACA Region hosts 110 health research laboratories, representing 4 900 jobs, with 2 500 public researchers, making it the second French region for research laboratories after l’Ile de France (source CCI Marseille Provence 2009).

The Eurobiomed cluster region is an important and significant concentration of investment projects for the future.

This concentration will leverage in the coming years, with investments of 586 million euros divided into:

  • 13 Labex
  • 3 Equipex
  • 11 national infrastructures
  • 1 bio-informatics project
  • 1 demonstrator
  • 1 university-hospital centre.
  • SATT
  • 2 PSPC
  • 2 PFMI
  • 1 IDEX

With support from public authorities, dedicated hosting areas for innovative health companies continue to develop, with high-level achievements in Montpellier, Marseille Luminy or upcoming (Nice Delvalle) and international projects currently in development (Marseille Immunopole).

The territory benefits from the presence of incubators (Impulse, incubators Paca Est, Bic Montpellier, LR incubation...) and leading-edge nurseries and technology centres.