Why choose EUROBIOMED?

You conduct R&D you are looking for academic and industrial partners, public finance or professional expertise on your project.

By engaging your project in the Eurobiomed certification process, you strengthen and add credibility to your application:

  • TEST your project with industry experts and CONFIRM its technological and feasibility
  • BENEFIT from the expertise of Eurobiomed teams in compiling the application
  • ACCESS specific funding mechanisms (e.g. FUI) or a subsidised subsidy rate (e.g. 15 % for the PSPC programme)
  • ENHANCE credibility and INCREASE your chances of success significantly
  • REINFORCE THE VISIBILITY of your project to the stakeholders of the health sector and Eurobiomed partners

Depending on the maturity of your project and according to your needs, Eurobiomed can accompany you on different levels:

  • Monitoring, information... 
  • Project holder guide
  • Meeting Appointments Projects 
  • (information meeting and personalised meeting, open to all)
  • Assistance in the search for partners (manufacturers, laboratories, technological platforms...)
  • Validation and advice on the strategic positioning of the project
  • Orientation towards the correct funding window
  • Guidance on the drafting the project
  • The Strategic Projects Council (SPC): access to a panel of 14 experts industrial trades / academics / clinicians 
  • Technical and economic evaluations by independent experts
  • Crossover of skills for transversal projects with other clusters
  • Reinforcement of the quality of records and consulting (business models, scientific, competitive positioning ...)
  • Project support for the identified funders 
  • Communication and promotion of project results
  • The annual monitoring committee of current projects for public funding 
  • Milestone on scientific advances, economic, financial...
  • Implication of the cluster for seven years after the end of the contract with the funder for FUI projects
  • Post project (pre-industrial development, marketing assistance...)
  • Support and a transparent, effective and rigorous selection process
  • The guarantee of the same file processing standard for all holders 
  • Strict management of confidentiality and conflict of interest
  • Procedures together in a Quality Assurance Manual for internal project support and the project holder's guide

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