Businesses / markets

Eurobiomed articulates business growth around four business lines, including risk characteristics, capital intensity and duration to reach the market, which require specific actions and helped the cluster to support the development of new products or services with high-added value through creating value, economic activity and employment in the territory. 


Drugs for human and animal health, in particular meet the emerging needs of personalised medicine; this high-risk area has long-term, but very high, economic benefits.


Diagnosis, particularly innovative in vitro diagnosis (POCT) and imaging, improved case by case, by the use of ICT. The cluster is a leader in the "medium term" economic benefits sector.

Implantable medical devices

Implantable medical devices especially activated or intelligent devices, particularly through the use of new technologies; the cluster is present as a sector consolidator whose return on investment is fast and the risks are lower.


e-Health, in particular the medical, clinical and economic validation of the use of ICT in health. The cluster will help structure this emerging sector under construction where the cycles for placing on the market are short.