Projects Strategic Committee

Composed of 14 members appointed by the Board of Directors, the Projects Strategic Committee (PSC) meets twice a month.

Its missions include the instruction, assessment, accompaniment and certification of R&D projects supported by the cluster projects team with partners in each project. 

PSC members are appointed by the Board of Directors on a personal basis. They, like the board members, are subject to strict confidentiality obligations. The cluster guarantees project developers the management of conflicts of interest that could arise by recognised and available procedures.

Businesses section

  • D. Laune (Kyomed) Chairman of the PSC
  • B. Buisson (Neuroservice)
  • A. Foussat (TxCell)
  • P. Foulon (Genious)
  • G. Mathis (CISBio)
  • N. Compagnone (ICDD)
  • G. Luzergues (CEISO)
  • J. Ringot (DMS Apelem)

Research and training section

  • P. Dellamonica (Université de Nice) Général Secretary of the PSC
  • F. Robert-Inacio (ISEN Toulon)
  • J. De Vos (CHU Montpellier)
  • H. Vial (CNRS Montpellier)