Eurobiomed Manifesto

We are a COMMUNITY bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, researchers with dreams, aspirations, all driven by a common goal:

Improve health for everyone and as quickly as possible.

We are brought together to INNOVATE and develop our territories and our organisations over the long term, while never forgetting the past or the future.

We believe that success requires the assimilation of a triple culture -academic, business and institutional – and we endorse it.

We promote PRAGMATISM in our actions and provide concrete actions to save time and energy for everyone.

Those who want to join us should understand that everyone in Eurobiomed shares strong values: rigour, expertise, enthusiasm, commitment, but also humility and a true sense of service

Our CREDIBILITY depends on the quality and the evaluation of our actions.

We create local and think global

As actors in our territory, we are passionately aware of what happens elsewhere. And when we make progress, the world progresses with us.

We reveal together all the major health challenges

Personalised medicine, chronic diseases and ageing, as well as rare diseases carry with them a major (r)evolution in management, in health care systems, and in public and private research development strategies.

These challenges are Eurobiomed’s priority.

We believe in

COLLECTIVE STRENGTH. Swapping "I" for the higher "we". 

We are strong because we are together in our alterity.