Key advances on immunotherapy and cellular therapy against cancer and inflammatory diseases

EUROBIOMED presents: key advances and future promises in immunotherapy antibodies and cellular therapies for the treatment of cancers and inflammatory diseases.

Over the last years, immunotherapies have shown very good results notably with the last generation of treatments combining different approaches for the treatment of melanoma and NSCLC. But despite the success and hope, these treatments generate severe adverse reactions, a high proportion of people still do not respond to immunotherapy, and their use in some pathologies are still in the preclinical phase. Lots of efforts are made in order to increase efficacy with new targets, new formats, combination of treatments and with the development of cellular therapies targeting the immune system. All these aspects will be addressed during this one day symposium and we will benefit from the point of view of the French pharmaceutical industry.



Registration and Coffee


Welcome words and Eurobiomed presentation

- Emilie Royere, Directrice Générale du Pôle Eurobiomed


The next generation of immunotherapy to increase efficacy (Part I)

- Dr Jean-Jacques Fournié (CRCT - Toulouse)

- Prof. Dr René Hoet (Imcheck Therapeutics - Marseille)

- Dr Julien Faget (IRCM - MabImprove - Montpellier)


Coffee Break


The next generation of immunotherapy to increase efficacy (Part II)

- Dr Nicolas Poirier (Ose Immunotherapeutics - Nantes)

- Dr Bruno Ségui (CRCT - Toulouse)

- Dr Hatem Abdelazim (Innate Pharma - Marseille)

- MiMabs presentation (Marseille)

12h20Lunch and networking

Afternoon Lecture

- Prof Christian Chabannon (CTCG, IPC - AP-HM - Marseille)

New cellular and genetic approaches to treat diseases

- Dr Martin Villalba (IRMB - Montpellier)

- Dr Pascale Bouillé (Flash Therapeutics - Toulouse)

15h00Coffee Break

- Dr Julio Delgado (Hospital Clinic Barcelona)

- Dr Caroline Courme (Sangamo - Nice)

16h00The pharmaceutical industry's point of view

- Dr. Leda MANNENT (Sanofi)

16h30Conference closing

Chairmen: Prof John De Vos (IRMB - Montpellier) and Prof Pierre Martineau (IRCM - Montpellier)

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Information: Nicolas REYMOND: nicolas.reymond(at)eurobiomed(dot)org


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