Health From Space – 2nde édition

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The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry can be considered fully mature with turnovers each of more than one trillion per year and hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D annually. However, the new environment offered by space is poised to strongly impact those numbers positively.
The potential scientific, technological, and commercial benefits of microgravity research and development as well as manufacturing in space are considerable and will revolutionize traditional Earth-bound development and processing methods for these whole sectors.

Following the success of the first ‘Health from Space’ conference in February 2023, this conference will include:

  • Presentations by world-class experts from life science and health research institutions and industries about past results from space and expected innovations.
  • Presentation of New Space Capabilities. Presentations by state-of-the art space system providers about the coming paradigm shift to access space and re-enter from space, as well as perform in-space manufacturing of biopharma materials and related developments.
  • Panels on the technological, economic, commercial, and societal consequences of the new space revolution for the health sector. Investors and Venture Capital entities will participate.


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