Neocustic signe un partenariat avec Audifon

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Neocustic signe un partenariat avec Audifon


Big News from neocustic: In September, we signed a partnership agreement with Audifon, the only hearing aid manufacturer that develops and produces entirely in Germany. As part of the collaboration, neocustic will work with audifon on the hearing solutions of the future – fully networked and customized for each user with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In addition, the two companies will investigate how they can serve the largest retail networks in Europe. “With our hearing systems, people all over the world can once again take an active part in life – and even more so the more the technology can be adapted to their individual needs,” says Jörg Hensel, CEO of audifon. “neocustic is the pioneer in connected and AI-powered personalized hearing solutions and therefore the perfect partner for us.” “audifon’s products are all about proven technology and simply 100 percent German engineering,” said Arnaud Butzbach, CEO of neocustic. “That’s why they offer the best hardware platform to combine with our proprietary software technology for next-generation personalized hearing solutions.”

About audifon

Audifon is the only hearing aid manufacturer that develops and produces 100% in Germany. From research and development to serial production – every hearing system is German engineered through and through. audifon belongs to the KIND-Group, market leader in hearing aid acoustics in Germany. This is why we are familiar with the daily challenges that acousticians face. We know the market and understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We incorporate this extensive knowledge in research and development of new audifon hearing systems.

About Neocustic

Neocustic is a newly established MedTech Start up that offers personalized hearing solutions through remote services for hearing loss assessment, fitting and re-education. Combining connected hearing aid technology with smart software services, we will improve the treatment of hearing disorders. Our hearing solutions leverage your very own data (patient, environment, usage data) and personalized artificial intelligence, altogether enabling richer life experience, across all generations. We keep people communicating, and eventually, we help augment human capabilities.



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