The United States and specifically California

Thanks to the partnership with Biocom (California), in 2014 Eurobiomed became the privileged partner of the world’s leading HealthTech cluster with more than 1200 members. This global partnership between the two clusters has been described as a ‘success story’ by the ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform). It has led to companies opening offices, setting up VIEs, jointly promoting our regions and our companies.

This partnership was renewed in 2019 at the BioJapan trade fair in October. In November 2019, Eurobiomed travelled to California with the Rising Sud development agency and companies from the cluster as part of a Booster programme. Emmanuel le Bouder, the cluster’s innovation manager, has conducted numerous visits to support the international reach of the agencies but also to create links with leading, prestigious research institutes based around San Diego.

In Japon

The partnership agreement signed in 2017 with Link-J, the Tokyo-based health cluster, has also enabled more than 20 Japanese companies to visit the south of France and develop ties with cluster members, while Eurobiomed’s members have travelled to Japan en masse for key industry events.